Wildlife Feedings

Our wildlife feeding program was curtailed this winter due to the mild winter and the ear corn situation.  We distributed about 850 bushel, about half of what we do in a normal year.  Ear Corn was in short supply and high priced due to the wet spring, dry summer, and floods in some areas.  We hope that the deer and turkey came through the winter in good shape. Your wildlife feeding activity should be ended by now.  We are leaving the guidelines for feeding on the website for your information next year.

The Savage 25-06 rifle that we raffled off during the winter was won by John Peck of Philipsburg. Thank you for your support of our activities!

Please follow these guidelines when putting corn out for wildlife:

  1. Place in a feeder off the ground.
  2. DO NOT feed in the vicinity of a public road.
  3. Do not feed near residences, your neighbors may not appreciate deer eating their shrubs for dessert.
  4. If the wildlife is not utilizing your feeding station, do not continue to put out more feed.

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