Youth Coon Hunt

On November 5th, led by two treeing Walker hounds, (Annie and Molly), twenty-two participants enjoyed a clear moonlit evening trailing through the forest.  They were  hoping for an opportunity to see a ring tail perched high in a tree with its eyes glowing and the hounds baying at the tree base.  This may not seem inviting to everyone but it was very rewarding to hear the hounds in their pursuit and the constant chatter of the youth as they formed a long line of flashlights snaking their way through the forest.  They climbed up steep hills and slid down others.  They waded small streams and stomped through mud bogs. 

The dogs barked ‘tree’ five times but because of den holes in a very large maple tree, the heavy foliage on a tall beech tree, and the dense coverage of the hemlock trees, the final score was: Coons: 5, Coon Hunters: 0

Cliff Cessna, hunt organizer and owner of the dogs, educated the group on many outdoor issues and explained the ability of the coons to be very evasive.  After the hunt Cliff invited the group to his home where they roasted hot dogs, toasted marshmallows and made s’mores.  Chips and soft drinks were also enjoyed.

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