Youth Group Tree Project

Tree Project ParticipantsOn March 31st, PWHU Youth tackled a tree planting project despite the unpleasant weather.  Just off McGeorge Road in the Clearfield Mountains, stone had been quarried to improve the roads to withstand the drilling traffic.  The area had been reclaimed and graded after the road work was completed.  EOG Resources provided white pine seedlings, spruce seedlings, support posts and wire fencing.  Cliff Cessna, advisor,  provided some chestnut and butternut seedlings for the project.  PWHU youth provided the physical labor.

The pictures show the number of people working on the project.  Not sure if the dog is waiting to mark the tree or being a supervisor.  If you have ever planted tree seedlings by hand, you know it is not easy work.  Probably more than one person had sore muscles that evening.

As the seedlings grow, it will become a better environment for the wildlife and people.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the project.


Tree Project Participants  Tree Project Participants


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