Youth Turtle Hunt 2011

After meeting at Club Headquarters, the 2011 turtle hunters set forth into the unnamed beaver ponds of Clearfield County. The group first stopped to observe turtle nests only to find that the eggs had been dug out by raccoons.  Nature plays no favorites.  Arriving at the main beaver dam, the water level was found to be ideal. 

We soon found a resting turtle buried in the mud.  Veteran turtle hunter, Bradley Anderson, probed the mud with a stick, trying to determine the dangerous end of the turtle.  He grasped the turtle by the tail and pulled the angry snapping turtle out, turning the prisoner over to Don Schmidt.  Next, we spotted a huge turtle on the move.  We launched an immediate, hot pursuit which failed miserably, but sure was a sight to be seen.  Another 30 minutes produced 3 more snapping turtles.  All prisoners were released and the hunters gathered for ice cream instead of turtle soup.  There was much mud, a few mosquito bites and lots of fun was had by all.

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